Miracle of the Sun | Sky VFX | Stage Film Backdrop Screen


INSTRUCTIONs: The ILLUMINATE globe travels  upward …….and to the east. From it, shoot two beams of light pointed toward the center of the dark sky. Immediately the heavy gray clouds burst in to strips and puffs and the sun appears as a spinning disc of brilliant silver. The silvery sun begins to rotate spinning rapidly on its own axis, casting beams of colored lights in all directions. Shafts of red light shoot out from the rim of the sun and color the clouds, the earth, the trees and the people. Then shafts of violet, blue, yellow and other colors of the rainbow tint everything. The sun moves about the sky as though dancing -the Cova da Iria becomes a FANTASY LAND for several minutes. As the colors continue pouring from the center the rim turns from red to silver then back again looking as though it were a crown of flame. When it ceases its spinning and spraying of colors it trembles and begins to move downward in the sky. It zigzags across the sky then plunges to the earth. The crowds scream, fearing the end of the world. Suddenly, from the still radiant globe, come two beams of light that catches the sun, and returns it to the sky. The sky is now clear and cloudless. The ground is completely dry, as is all the clothing of everyone present. There is not a hint of rain.